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 Outside Tour.

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PostSubject: Outside Tour.   Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:33 pm

Name: Outside Tour.

Dates: 14 September 1995 - 20 February 1996

Number of shows: 68

Supporting album: Outside.

Rebel rebel, your've torn you dress.

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PostSubject: Re: Outside Tour.   Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:42 am

was quite different for me to found live in loreley.. ( ihih have i wrote it well ? sorry ) but now that i have it i just can stop to see this video! outside is amazing!!

and i really reallly like the outside outtakes... i recommend to everyone to listen this tracks... there are all available on youtube Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Outside Tour.   Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:47 am

I was blessed to attend all 4 nights in Wembley

There was a lot in the media at the time about walkouts because of the lack of hits, but considering the previous tour had been Sound + Vision (ie that last time he'd play the hits), the reviews from the NIN tour stayed the lack of hits and all the pre-tour press had mentioned the lack of hits, short of Bowie tapping everyone on the shoulder on the way in saying, "Y'know, there's going to be no Rebel or Let's Dance don't you?" I don't know what more could have been done.
To be honest I think it was largely media invention. There was crowd movement, but there always is at these things - usually to the bar. And yes, the 3rd & 4th night weren't as sold out as the first two, but again - that's large the way of these things particularly with 4 nights.
Anyway, rant over - don't know where that came from.? Must have been storing that up for years!
Considering the backcat purge, the big talk on the first night was what would he actually play? And following on from the NIN show would he do the same handover with Morrissey (who was the support) Would they duet on I Know it's going to happen...?
Well that provided not to be the case - which was handy, because Moz was dreadful, absolutely dull and uninspiring... This probably created a bit of a atmosphere because on paper for many people, Moz and Bowie would have been a dream ticket.
Well, that atmosphere didn't lift as the stage was dressed - like a bleak artist studio. Nor when the opening chords of The Motel started ringing out! It took a few lines (no pun intended!) before Bowie appeared and the mood lifted. From then on in, wow what a set list - Look Back In Anger, The Hearts Filthy Lesson, Scary Monster, Voyeur of Utter Destruction... A particular high light was A Small Plot of Land....

I remember at the time thinking this was brilliant but in hindsight I can imagine what a hard sell this might have been to a casual fan or just curious observer! The closet thing to a 'hit' would have been Under Pressure although singles wise, there was also erm, the other singles of Lodger & Stage - neither of which is probably the go to albums when you thing of Bowie singles - although the resurrected My Death certainly sent the fans into spasms and mass shouts of ME! ME! a la Ziggy the motion picture...

Each night the show got more relaxed. I guess there must be a lot of tension and/or belligerence backstage to go into an arena sized venue with something this dark and almost confrontational. If the previous tour t-shirt said "F**k You! I'm In Tin Machine", The Outside Tour' could've been "F**k the mainstream - I'm David Bowie". While the lack of hits was now expected with TM, people were probably not so forgiving under the Bowie brand name so maybe once the (largely negative) press started coming in after the first night, it was out in the ether and people had a far better idea of what to expect, the band could chill a bit more. So much so that by the 3rd & 4th nights we got a soaring Moonage Daydream too go out on.

After the S+V shows, this was most definitely another side of Bowie, and to be honest one that the mainstream audience and media did not really want at that time. For me personally, it was mesmerizing...

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PostSubject: Re: Outside Tour.   

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Outside Tour.
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